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Got these 4 PC cards in the mail today Smile I was pretty stoked.

2012 Topps 1965 Tall Boys Insert
[Image: RobGronkowski2012Topps1965TallBoy.jpg]

2012 Elite Status 71/87
[Image: RobGronkowski2012EliteStatus71-87.jpg]

2010 Unrivaled RC Silver 023/299
[Image: RobGronkowskiToppsUnrivaledRCSilver023-299.jpg]

And then the good one Smile Smile

2012 Elite Passing The Torch Auto 14/20
[Image: KellenWinslow-RobGronkowski22012ElitePas...orchAu.jpg]
[Image: KellenWinslow-RobGronkowski2012ElitePass...o14-20.jpg]

If anyone knows how to edit the pictures so that i can have both sides in one photo please let me know...i would love to do this! thanks Smile hope you enjoyed my first mail day post!! Smile
Nice pickups! I love those tall boys!
[Image: WinslowGronk.jpg]
How did you do that?!?
Probably easier ways, but I just used Elements. If I was on my laptop, I'd have used the collage feature on Picasa
you have to download those programs huh? Sad Free?
Nice p/u's!!! I love nice mail days.
very nice mail!
Congrats on some nice cardboard!
Thanks everyone Smile
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