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Well this is probably the sickest, most rediculasly awesome auto patch /10 I have ever pulled or traded for.

[Image: 45972146.jpg]

Unfortunately it is damaged. Sad take a look at those corners. I am going to attempt to send it to topps unless I get a crazy offer in here for it.

[Image: bb3a6e7a.jpg]
The damage really sucks, because you might not get nearly as awesome of a patch in the replacement.
Would you consider $1 to be a crazy offer? Smile
(08-13-2012 12:14 PM)acevanquish Wrote: [ -> ]Would you consider $1 to be a crazy offer? Smile

That is borderline insane. Lol but worth a shot. Hahaha

If anyone has some sweet Triple Threads to offer I would consider.
congrats on that pull... what is the sequence of events if you send it to Topps?
sweet pull - good luck with the exchange.
I would be interested in it as is. Check me and see if we can work out a trade or partial trade/sale or something if you want to save yourself the trouble of sending it back?
Dang that damage stinks! Sweet card though! Good luck with whatever you do with it
I wouldn't send that in. You'll never get a patch like that in the replacement.
Great card but epic fail during print/packaging.
PM How much you want in trade for it?
If the corners are just raised you might try a one touch that is
a tad tight and place heavy books on top may help to flatten them
And hide the damage. Is there any missing top layer of paper or heavy chipping?

I'm a Hamilton collector so I'm interested but no chance topps will send such
a nice card in replacement. If they do demand something well over $200 BV.
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