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I really loved the 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres set when it came out. I put together a bunch of the base sets and even put together the Heroes of Baseball Game Used Bat set. However I never really thought much about doing the rest of the insert sets due to the price on most of them. Well, I finally decided after seeing that a lot of the dual and triple jersey cards were selling for a buck or two that I would try to do a master set.
I am interested in trading for the cards that I still need. If you have anything from this set that I need please let me know what you're looking for in trade (I have all sports, but mostly baseball, basketball, and football) and I will check to see what I can find and hopefully work out a trade with you. I will even consider buying the cards if the price is right.
Here is what I still need:
Dual Jerseys:JDG(S.Duncan/T.Godwin), JGS(S.Garvey/R.Smith), JHB(A.Heilman/J.Bonderman), JJJ(M.Jordan)
Triple Jerseys: MMD(Maris/Mantle/DiMaggio)
MJ Grandslam Game Bat: MJ5(Michael Jordan)
Tribute to 42 Gold (#'d out of 42): Pants, Bat(Jackie Robinson)
Tribute to 42 Autographs: C(Cut Auto), BC(Bat-Cut Auto), JC(Jersey-Cut Auto)
I just got one of the big cards that I was needing (picture below). I still need a couple more big cards from the set, such as the Mantle/Maris/DiMaggio triple jersey and the Jackie Robinson autograph if it ever comes up for auction.
[Image: $(KGrHqRHJFcFBucDo1jZBQdLJPYrlQ~~60_57.JPG]
Bump in the night, in case anyone who has some of the cards I still need is paying attention.
I was able to get the triple jersey of Jordan/Puckett/Winfield, so I'm a bit closer. I would really like to get the dual jersey cards finished along with the MJ5 bat card. Can anyone else help?
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