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I have opened 3 cases + 2 loose boxes + 1 group break + singles on ebay and I really like this product despite the rampant chipping. The product is fun to open and you get to just enjoy the autos and patches as cards to collect without worry about if they're gradeable since 99% are not. Here my Inception Collection lol :

[Image: allenInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: quickInceptionAutoGreen.jpg]

[Image: turbinInceptionGoldAuto.jpg]

[Image: toonInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: jamesInceptionGoldAuto.jpg]

[Image: turbinInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: poseyInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: givensInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: folesInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: luckInceptionAutoSilverInk.jpg]
[Image: floydInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: hillInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: millerInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: richardsonInceptionAuto.jpg]

[Image: jefferyInceptionAutoBlue.jpg]

[Image: wrightInceptionAutoBlue.jpg]

[Image: wrightInceptionPatchGoldInkAuto.jpg]

[Image: martinInceptionPatchAutoGoldInk.jpg]

[Image: richardsonInceptionRookiePatchAutoGoldInk.jpg]

[Image: luckInceptionPatchAutoGoldInk.jpg]
[Image: jamesInceptionPatch.jpg]

[Image: tannehillInceptionPatch.jpg]

[Image: osweilerInceptionPatch.jpg]

[Image: randleInceptionPatch.jpg]

[Image: wilsonInceptionPatch.jpg]

[Image: jefferyInceptionBluePatch.jpg]

[Image: luckInceptionPatch.jpg]

[Image: griffinInceptionPatch.jpg]

[Image: egnewInceptionPatch.jpg]

[Image: hillmanInceptionNFLShield.jpg]

[Image: richardsonInceptionRookiePatchAutoPurple.jpg]
[Image: quickInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: egnewInceptionPatchAuto2.jpg]

[Image: osweilerInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: randleInceptionPatchAuto2.jpg]

[Image: poseyInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: martinInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: toonInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: givensInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: turbinInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: adamsInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: grahamInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]
[Image: randleInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: hillmanInceptionPatchAuto4.jpg]

[Image: egnewInceptionPatchAuto.jpg]

[Image: hillmanInceptionPatchAuto2.jpg]

[Image: hillmanInceptionPatchAuto3.jpg]

[Image: hillmanInceptionPatchAuto5.jpg]
My gosh, wow....

I was noticing how Givens actually had a nice sig in the first card, but the second it was basically his initials!
Trent Richardson best player in the draft Smile
Holy wow that's awesome stuff!
I'll be happy to take some of those Hawks off your hands Smile
Wow sweet stuff
The only thing other than chipping that there is to not like about inception is the 00 jersey numbers. Other than that its a solid product and your PC is nice!!! Keep it up.
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