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Continuing the Orange & Black parade here are the Emblem & Number GU'd. The Black versions of both are #'d to 9 and the Orange version is #'d to 1.

[Image: Flyers05.jpg][Image: M15.jpg][Image: M28.jpg]

I bought this one from a Local Card Dealer
[Image: M19.jpg]

I was excited when I pulled this one;
[Image: M30.jpg]

And extremely happy with this pull;
[Image: M40.jpg]
sweet Clark

that Howe is my fav thou

you doing pretty well with them
[Image: M02.jpg][Image: M15.jpg][Image: M16.jpg][Image: M20.jpg]

[Image: M21.jpg][Image: M22.jpg][Image: M25Lindros.jpg][Image: M27Primeau.jpg]

[Image: M30Resch.jpg][Image: M32Roenick.jpg][Image: M33Shelley.jpg][Image: M38Vanbiesbrouck.jpg]
WOW!!! Nice pick ups!!
Sweet clarkie
Sure... show off all the goods! Haha! Great stuff, Mark! Love that Forsberg! Thanks for the share!

I only bought 4 boxes (so far). A little jealousy is surging up in me.
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