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This is a total of 31 boxes of this product. I cracked 20 of them at the National to get the Redemption cards. Here are the results:

First the Jerseys : Black Versions = 120 : Orange Versions = 10

[Image: M01Amonte.jpg][Image: M03Bobrovsky.jpg][Image: M05Brashear.jpg][Image: M06Bridgman.jpg]

[Image: M07Briere.jpg][Image: M08BrindAmour.jpg][Image: M09.jpg][Image: M01.jpg]

[Image: M.jpg][Image: M13.jpg][Image: M14.jpg][Image: M18.jpg]

[Image: m23.jpg][Image: M24.jpg][Image: M25.jpg][Image: M26.jpg]

[Image: M27Primeau.jpg][Image: M28Orange.jpg][Image: M28Black.jpg][Image: M29Recchi.jpg]
[Image: M30Resch.jpg][Image: M31Rinaldo.jpg][Image: M33Shelley.jpg][Image: Flyers10.jpg]

[Image: M35Stock.jpg][Image: M37RonSutter.jpg][Image: Flyers08.jpg]

So when I pulled this one at the National I thought the card was miscut. But this one is a SP.

[Image: M44Schultz.jpg]
These are the other Memorabilia Sets in this product.
City of Brotherly Love - Completed

[Image: Flyers09.jpg][Image: CBL02.jpg]

Goaltenders Jerseys (Need #'s G01-G06-G09-G10-G11-G13-G14)

[Image: G02Boucher.jpg][Image: G03Bryzgalov.jpg][Image: G05Emery.jpg]

[Image: G08Resch.jpg][Image: G12Vanbiesbrouck.jpg]
Quad Memorabilia

[Image: Flyers13.jpg][Image: QM04-1.jpg][Image: QM04.jpg]

Stickwork Triple Swatch
[Image: SW04.jpg][Image: SW07.jpg]

Tough Materials Triples

[Image: Flyers14.jpg][Image: TMO2.jpg][Image: TMO3.jpg]

I am looking to do a complete set of Autographs, Memorabilia & Gold Base. If you have any for trade drop me a PM.
wow the sets are coming along pretty nicely!

if i see anything i will let you know
wowo great hits and looks like alot of fun
Brilliant acquisitions, Mark!!! Those Stickworks are simply amazing! Congrats on your awesome progress!

drooling uncontrollably....
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