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Just checking up some Zach Thomas cards and saw beckett added this card to their database on August 1st 2012.

Anyone know what these look like??? Id greatly appreciate.
I SOOOO wish they would at least show a sample image of newly listed cards. I realize they might not have an image of the actual card, but an image of ANY card in the set would work.

To answer your question... no, I do not know what these look like.
I can recall something about the backs of 1997 Ultra... but I don't think it was the entire series 1 set. Some of the base cards were issued with a blue, green, or golden brown back background. I think cards 100+ through the RCs had a color background like blue (NFC) or green (AFC) and a second version that features the golden brown color. Cards 1-100 were the golden brown color. This is just from memory, so I could be wrong.
So is it a parallel? And how would I be able to tell what is what?
Did you just find that by chance or is there a way to search the database based on date added? Because that would be cool.
If you type just the players' name in the search bar and then click his name in the search results it will tell you the info.
Man makes another Eddie George card I need to add to my list.
(08-12-2012 03:17 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]If you type just the players' name in the search bar and then click his name in the search results it will tell you the info.

Just to add a little more to Bakers post. If you search for a player. You get a link with that players name. Click on the link. And on that page it shows recently changed prices or cards added.

Figured a link would help.
Well I just went through the 65 copies of the 1997 Ultra Kerry Collins' that I have and nothing that looks like a brown back they all have the same light blue back.
In reference to the Brown Back parallels, the OPG lists only the first 173 cards of that 350 card set. I for one have never seen or even heard about the alleged existence of these parallels until I unexpectedly recently noticed those were now listed on the OPG.

I am skeptical that these even exist in the first place, or maybe they just exist for only a fraction of those 173 listed cards. Some other weird items have been added to the OPG within the past couple years that have me shaking my head.
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