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Full Version: Error Cards worth it?
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I'm looking at a 1991 Stadium Club #94 Brett Favre auction. I think the card looks great and wanted to add this to start my collection. When I looked closer it has Favre spelled Farve. Do errors add value to a card? Reason I ask is because this error card graded by Beckett is auctioning for more than other of his rookie cards. Does an error make a card special in a way? I guess this is the first time I noticed an 'error card'.

Sorry, new collector here ...
It really depends on each individual card. It depends on how rare the error is (some are uncorrected errors), it depends on who the player is and how collectible he is, the product, etc. Some that people call error cards are just printing goofs like miscuts, mismatched fronts/backs, and similar.

Personally, I stay away from error cards just because the error doesn't add anything for me. It's strictly just a decision for my taste, but a lot of people like them. It all comes down to just how much it is worth to you and your personal collecting. If I were you, I would probably research the error and see just how rare the error is and go from there.
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