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Full Version: Preseason!!!
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Hope everyone is enjoying the preseason so far!!! RGIII is looking fantastic!!! Vick is hurt and out already... Big surprise there... I just got two MONSTER additions from the postman for my Ship PC..... I will post ASAP... What a night!!!
Yes it is and I can't wait for bucs tomorrow!! I think DRC is already in for a suspension or a huge fine.... RGIII looks awesome and Peyton has only thrown one pass lol...
Wasn't good to see James Starks drop a pass then follow it up with a fumble.
Yeah, I am hoping Ship can get it done tomorrow... He is hanging on by a thread supposedly... We will see... Just saw the Manning highlights, of lack there of... Yikes...
Chris Rainey! Looks like he will be terrorizing defenses all year long.
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