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it says on the trading rules that i need to put a card that i have FT on my organized folder

Here is the scan of the card

[Image: CD2B67D0-orig.jpg]

at the back it says card #1 and is serially numbered 2/5

[Image: BC4E5B77-orig.jpg]

Now i search beckett

Here was my search criteria

2012 Panini Father's Day #1 Manning

it yielded the following searches
2012 Panini Father's Day Elite Series #1 Peyton Manning

2012 Panini Father's Day Elite Series Cracked Ice #1 Peyton Manning

i know what the cracked ice looks like s i am sure its not the card on the scan

so i chose Panini Fathers Day Elite Series though it did not say serial numbered to 5 .

so is the card not listed on beckett database? and all of a sudden my Trade post was deleted?
I do not see the card myself, so it must not be in the database right now. The best that you can do is to write Beckett's editor for the appropriate sport. In this case: Beckett Football Magazine Email - is who you would contact. You should include the photos in your e-mail as well, just to show the card and make it easier. After that... do not hold your breath. Haha! Hope that this helped a bit.

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