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sounds good chad...cant wait to see some pictures!
yeah i think thats the biggest thing that makes us different. Me and my dad are both collectors first, dealers second. He opened the shop in the early 90's because he was a collector and didnt like any of the shops in our area. When he went into them they were not helpful and were overpriced. So he opened our first store which was only about 200 square football with 2 display cases and sold his collection. He got direct with topps the same year. By 6 months in her had so much business he had to move his location into a 1000 square foot place. We stayed there for about 8 years. Then moved to our 2500 square foot place which really didnt work out. We have been in our current shop for four years now. Its about 1000 again. But its broken up between the two rooms. The front room is a few hundred sq. ft. and the big room is around 600. The bathroom, and storage closet take up the other hudredish. Thats why its been really hard to fit all out displays into the plans. There just is not alot of room. We are going to take advantage of the 20 foot ceilings in the big room this time though.

Thanks for the support guys. And like I said I want to get a signature from ALL the active beckett members. It can be on a Index card or something. Put what you collect on it and sign it like a pro would! lol. I will incorporate all of them into a display when were are done with construction
Buying the drywall to build a back room next week. We have been sorting through box after box the past week seeing what we can we have alot of stuff lol...and only about 10% of our inventory is at the shop...oh no
This sounds awesome! I love how it has a lounge, you should do events on Sundays for football in the lounge.
(08-13-2012 09:40 PM)bostonsports1 Wrote: [ -> ]This sounds awesome! I love how it has a lounge, you should do events on Sundays for football in the lounge.

haha 200 square foot wont fit too many people lol. Enough for a couple guys to break some wax and watch a game
Are you looking to expand your inventory?

I have a HUGE Barry Sanders collection that needs to go...
Well I wish I was still collecting cards while I was at Pitt. I was too broke to keep the hobby going. I might be coming out for the Steelers vs Eagles game to visit some old college buddies and pray my Eagles show up and can possibly pull out a victory. If I do I will definitely swing by the shop when I am out there.
sounds good and depends what kind of sanders stuff you got
(08-17-2012 09:37 PM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]sounds good and depends what kind of sanders stuff you got

The question is what do you want?

I have over 1100 different cards... over 2300 total cards everything from rookies to signatures and patches... I have negatives of cards, press plates (all 8 for the same card).

Take a look at my cards for trade on Beckett and let me know if you are interested. Full collection worth over 12k and I'll make you a hell of a deal if you want them all.

As the Godfather would say "make me an offer I can't refuse"!
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