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Anyone know the cost to set up at National?
I asked one dealer a couple of years ago and he told me $2K. I don't remember the exact size of the tables he had but he had a corner and looked like about three 6' tables.

Here i the signup with prices. 10' by 10 $1050 10 by 15 $1295

Though you had to signup by July 16
I will be doing a 10x15 booth next year


And a $75 charge for setting up a day early.

But after travel fees, hotel, food you are usually looking at a $2500-3000 nut.

I am always looking for people to slipt booths with me though. If you are interested LMK and it will make your costs less.
Thanks guys. Splitting a booth is an interesting proposition. I'm not sure I have the inventory to make it worthwhile right now.
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