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Full Version: OH....YU!
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Popped into my favorite hobby shop to see the gang at The Dugout Zone, in Ellicott City, MD, and picked up a box of Bowman Platinum. Besides a Harper rc and the usuals were nice, but pack number two held this bute....THANKS FOR LOOKING!!![Image: darvish1.jpg]
Unnggghhh.. sweet!

Honestly, I'm not a fan of Bowman Chrome. But, every time I see these awesome breaks you guys are having, I'm a little bit closer to trying them out.
I am 100% sure that is NOT a Bowman Chrome card that box you picked up was Bowman Platinum hence the BP right on the front of the card
nice hit man!!! its not for trade is it? lol
For the right card, sure...
God nice hit! I opened 16 boxes and never hit a Yu....
(08-08-2012 12:53 PM)mcleodfive Wrote: [ -> ]God nice hit! I opened 16 boxes and never hit a Yu....

as in not even base? wow.... thats like I opened up 3 ginter's and no Yu.

outstanding hit dude!!!Big Grin
Nice hit
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