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(08-31-2012 06:13 PM)chevy man 22 Wrote: [ -> ]Offer Sent

Trade accepted thanks so much, one step closer thanks to you!
(08-31-2012 05:19 PM)Haze28 Wrote: [ -> ]I have the 2012 Topps Chrome Red refractor and I think I have a couple others too but I would have to look through my stuff. Haven't decided if I am going to trade it just yet though. If I do I will let you have first shot at it.

Alright thanks man for keeping me in mind!
Hey Ryanmo,

I have a 2012 Bowman Platinum Relic Autographs Blue Refractors #PG Paul Goldschmidt #20/199. Shoot me a PM offer if you are interested!
I do have the 2012 finest gold refractor 15/99. Let me know if you are interested.
Sent you both pm's
Bump, anyone have anything on this list to trade I would appreciate it, will trade in your favor!
Bump for the day
Your 2012 Tier One silver ink will be in the mail tomorrow

(09-15-2012 06:21 AM)HeyFitzy Wrote: [ -> ]Your 2012 Tier One silver ink will be in the mail tomorrow


Thanks man! Hope your feeling better!!!
i have 2012 Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Stars Autographs #PG Paul Goldschmidt #11/25 if interested
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