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I was travelling to the Beach in Ottawa with the family and needed to stop off at a Giant Tiger in Kemptville for sandals for the young lad, and I noticed they had some 18 pack hobby boxes of Showcase, price tag..... $20.

So I bought one (they had 2, but one looked like it could be damaged).

Here are the results:

Non Redemption RC's:

Shea Weber
Dustin Byfuglien
Matt Carle
Tomas Kopecky
M.A. Pouliot
Ben Ondrus
Konstantin Pushkarev
Mark Stuart
Noah Welch
Ian White
Jeremy Williams
Eric Fehr
Jarkko Immonen

Wave of the Future: Martin Havlat, Dustin Brown, Ilya Kovalchuk
Showcase Threads: Jeremy Roenick, Pierre Marc Bouchard
Showcase inks: Wade Redden

[Image: 001-1.jpg]

Press Level: Roenick, Doan

[Image: a-1.jpg]

Lower Level: Ovechkin

[Image: b-1.jpg]

Executive lounge: Raycroft

[Image: 002-1.jpg]

Private box Legacy collection /50: Lecavalier

[Image: bb.jpg]

I've never broken this stuff before, let me know how I did.
Looks like you did pretty well for $20! I would've taken that box. Congrats!
Sweet vinny
i have opened probably about 2 cases of this stuff

you did well congrats!
Very nice breaks, Adam! Congrats!

you made out like a champ
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