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Hey everyone. Bought two boxes, one 2012 Heritage and 2012 Allen & Ginter.

The Allen & Ginter box was a little disappointing but the Heritage box sure made up for it.

I pulled a SANDY KOUFAX Real One Auto!! My best pull ever. I know they aren't serial numbered but does anyone know the print run on these? I haven't seen too many. I actually only see one on eBay right.

[Image: SandyKoufax093.jpg]

[Image: SandyKoufax_back094.jpg]

Sorry the card is not for sale or trade right now. I want to hold onto to it for a while. But just wanted to share with everyone.

Oh and I did notice a grammatical error on the back of the card. Does that make it an error card? haha. Just pointing that out too.

Also picture are my "hits" from Allen & Ginter.

[Image: AG.jpg]
Thanks! It was a very good way to get back into collecting. I had to take a few years off and just starting back up again slowly.
The Sandy is an Sp for sure! Very nice break! To even get an auto of heritage is like finding a needle in a hay stack! Let alone Koufax....
very nice congrats
Nice Koufax!
sweet koufax!
Congrats on the Koufax! One of the best autos you can pull in any set. The only problem is that you used all of your good luck getting that pull my friend! Ever since my Koufax pull its been more miss than hit for me. Enjoy that auto though, you are going to get some pretty tempting offers for it I bet.
Awesome card. Congratulations. I am jealous.
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