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It has been awhile since I been on here and when I was I rarely show what I got in a break even if it was a good break.Well since I bought four of the Leaf Rookie Retro and did not get anything great I thought why not try a Best of Baseball because I was due.And no I did not get one of the top hit I did get something good.

Now the autograph card leaves something to be desired.

[Image: new012.jpg]

Pat Gillick

But the hit made up for the auto I think.

[Image: new011.jpg]

All in all not a bad break.
Nice. Very awesome
Wow, that Maris is amazing! I definitely think you did alright on that one!
Thank y'all it is way way WAAAAY bout time.
Amazing how a 58 year old card looks so good
Looks like Marty McFly and Doc Brown we back in time to 1964 and decided to open a couple packs and brought the Maris back with them.
that is amazing - nice card
(08-04-2012 02:29 PM)homerjg007 Wrote: [ -> ]that is amazing - nice card

Thank you the auto I pulled out first and thought WTF???? Not again!!!!
Then I saw the Maris Smile
awesome pull dude!!
wowowow sick roger
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