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Hello, all. I have the following plus many, many others in my organize. I would prefer trades be at least $20. If you have a lot of questionable feedback, I will be asking you to send first. If you have less than 20 positive feedback, same thing. LETS TRADE!!!

I am always looking for Jackie Robinson, Reggie Willits, Ervin Santana, Josh Thole, Daniel Nava, and Nick Adenhart. I am also looking for 2007/2008 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Autos and a few other things.
Most of my needs are not marked, so if you have a lot of the above, send an offer offer. Thanks!!

[Image: CCF08032012_00006.jpg]
[Image: CCF08032012_00005.jpg]
[Image: CCF08032012_00004.jpg]
[Image: CCF08032012_00003.jpg]
[Image: CCF08032012_00002.jpg]
[Image: CCF08032012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF08032012_00000.jpg]
[Image: CCF07262012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF07262012_00000.jpg]
[Image: CCF07242012_00008.jpg]

[Image: CCF07262012_00002.jpg]
[Image: CCF07262012_00004.jpg]
[Image: CCF07262012_00005.jpg]
[Image: CCF07242012_00000.jpg]
[Image: CCF07242012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF07242012_00002.jpg]
[Image: CCF07242012_00003.jpg]
[Image: CCF07242012_00004.jpg]
[Image: CCF07242012_00005.jpg]
[Image: CCF07242012_00006.jpg]

[Image: CCF07242012_00007.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00000.jpg]
[Image: CCF07172012_00000.jpg]
[Image: CCF07172012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00002.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00003.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00004.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00005.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00006.jpg]

[Image: CCF07142012_00007.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00008.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00009.jpg]
[Image: CCF07142012_00010.jpg]
[Image: CCF06292012_00007.jpg]
[Image: CCF06292012_00003.jpg]
[Image: CCF06292012_00004.jpg]
[Image: CCF06292012_00005.jpg]
[Image: CCF06292012_00006.jpg]
[Image: CCF06292012_00000.jpg]

[Image: CCF06292012_00002.jpg]
[Image: CCF07012012_00000.jpg]
[Image: CCF07012012_00002.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00003.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00004.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00007.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00009.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00010.jpg]

[Image: CCF07082012_00011.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00012.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00013.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00014.jpg]
[Image: CCF07082012_00015.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00023.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00024.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00009.jpg]
Not sure if I have anything you need/want, but I would love the Heyward if I do.
interested in the clayton kershaw topps diamond card and the heyward bowman rookie refractor i have a ervin santana auto in my org feel free to check me thanks
Love the Ichiro GU and Hanley Auto...among other things...please check me...thanks.
Sent open offer for the Podres.
i have to have that jesus montero rc auto. photobucket:
i have a santana in org you might not have its a rare card to 10. Give me a trade value I might trade it.
Sorry, didn't see anything.
(08-04-2012 10:23 AM)joshbow Wrote: [ -> ]i have to have that jesus montero rc auto. photobucket:
check me for the Soto sephia and Montero auto
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