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Full Version: Where are my cards?
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I haven't logged in to the site in about a year, but my membership has remained active (I was charged $81 for my baseball membership renewal in April). When I logged in today to enter new cards, my account was still active, but my organize said I had no collection and no cards. I had previously entered over 1500 cards. Does anyone know where they could have gone?

It takes a little time to populate; looks like your cards are there now
Could some one please tell me how does the card counter & Pricing work,My Collection says that i have 38,885 & my haves says 26,904.I have already checked all the haves per each card,and i have steadily been adding card's for the last 2 Day's and it has not moved from that point.Is there a limit on how many card's that you can have in an account? I would also like to know if there is any way i could clear out my account and start over, I have a lot of cards and have lost where i was at when i let my subscribtion run out about a year ago.I just signed up for total access for a whole year.woul like to know if that is possible. Thank's

What do you mean by "My Collection" - not sure where you're pulling that number from?

"Haves" is literally that - the total quantity of cards you have marked with a number in the "Have" column greater than 0.

"All Items" (if that's what your other number is referring to) counts total number of line items listed in your organize - be they haves, wants, trades, keeps, etc. This also only counts separate line items, it makes no difference what quantity (ie - a card with a "Have" of 3 and another card with a "Have" of 7 both count as 1 each in the total "All Items"...whereas they would add 10 to the total "Haves" in the info at the top of the page).

If you truly want to empty your organize and start over, just click on All Items...then use the check box to select all cards in the collection and send them to the trash...then empty your trash. Warning - there is no way to retrieve the info once you've emptied your trash, so use with caution.

Great straight forward HELPFUL answer,I think that's what i will do, is clear it out. And yes that's where the other count was from,But i still added cards for 2 day's and nothing changed not even the calculate buttons they stayed the same and are still the same.Thank's for your time,answer and the quick response.

Thank's Again

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