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[Image: ae9b366c.jpg]

Probably won't trade any of the above but open to offers

[Image: 9e8a6dd9.jpg]

[Image: cf0c477d.jpg]

[Image: 7b77a226.jpg]

[Image: 311f8209.jpg]

[Image: 372132cf.jpg]

[Image: 2c18a4c1.jpg]
Please check ,me for the webster and also those 2011 bowman prospect autos.
You posted 3 threads. I woud love to trade for the Slaughter.
Yes I know it was my bad, I couldn't get my scans to go at first. I deleted them now and i'm going to check you for that Slaughter.
offer sent
PLEASE check me for the cutch!! I am a mccutchen supercollector!
I can use the Greenberg bat for my HOFer bat PC and also some of the vintage you have listed in the ORG. Let me know if you find anything. Thanks.
Check me for the Chapman, Leake and Werth. Thanks
I'd like a shot at the Terdoslavich auto, check out my bucket and let me know. Will have more uploaded to the bucket over the weekend.
I would love a shot at the Country Slaughter and possibly the Belt refractor...
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