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Hello everyone I'm not new to Beckett's website but this is my first Thread. I have been collecting cards for over 15 years and I came across in my opinion a rare find that I thought I would share with everyone. I just recently purchased a 1973 Wrestling Annual Andre the Giant RC PSA 9 from a private collector. It cost me a pretty penny but there are only 2 PSA 9's in existence with no 10's. I just recently started collecting wrestling cards after hearing about 1982 Wrestling All Star Sets and how it brought back many great memories of when I use to watch Professional Wrestling. I always thought that the 1982 Wrestling All Star Set was the first card every produced of the legendary Andre the Giant. Then I did some research and came across this gem. This card demands some serious dough a PSA 8 sold for $660.
Not sure why the picture is not available anymore but I attach the photo again.
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