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Full Version: Nice day @ Target
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Stopped by Target and noticed they had some various packs of cards marked down to clear out some inventory. Bought all the packs they had left, like 5 or so. Pulled a Phil Kessel RC from 2006-07 UD MVP and a JVR YG RC from 2009-10 UD! Did pretty darn good!!! The Kessel will be a PC card but I could be swayed to trade the JVR if anyones interested. Thanks
Not too bad for 5 packs! Anytime you can pull 2 decent RC's from sale packs whether they are MVP or Victory or what have you, it's always good. Congrats!
Not a bad day congrats
Yea, to get the Kessel was nice but to hit the JVR YG RC was pretty sweet too.
Sweet pick-ups! Congrats!

nice hits for loose packs
Nice hits from loose packs
for loose packs you did very well congrats
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