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Full Version: Bowman Platinum
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Well, I broke down and bought my first ever hobby box of 2012 Bowman Platinum today. In the past, I have only bought blasters and have had pretty good luck. Well, my hobby box was not what I expected. No Harper, no Darvish, no Cespedes and not much else. I have scanned the autos I got and have redemed the Jenkins but the others will be for trade as soon as pricing is live. Check my organize for all Bowman Platinum I have for trade.
Yep man I had the same luck. I bought 1 hobby box of 2012 Platinum and didnt get anything that made me excited. I ended up getting more in the 3 blasters I bought then I did in the hobby box. I am waiting for pricing before I spend the time to upload my cards into my org.
Yeah blaster are where it at this year for this product
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