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Hey crew -

Just a quick post to say 'sorry' to those who have sent me trade offers or messages over the last few weeks. I obviously haven't been online much the last few weeks as I had some real life priorities that I needed to take care of (nothing serious or anything...).

Anyway, hopefully I'm back again, and would love to entertain trade offers if I have anything you'd like. To those who have hung in there and left the trade offers open, I'll try to respond to all of those one way or the other tonight.

It might take me a bit to wade through my PMs, but I'll try to knock those out too.
Awesome! Welcome back! Check my offer haha Big Grin
It's about time. Man I was beginning to think you were done. Glad to see you back.
I was wondering where you went. Glad your back
offer sent
Great, Welcome back to the Chaos of trading.
I had one open with you - didn't close it because I was mad at waiting, just was trying to clean up my trade page!

I had a bunch of your Bowman needs (yellow stars) - you can take a look when you get a chance, or I can create it again. Just let me know.

I think we all understand that there is life outside of Beckett sometimes Smile


I think we all understand that there is life outside of Beckett sometimes Smile

I beg to differ. Too many inpatient people around here if you ask me. I haven't made 200+ trades from letting people hang forever. Oh well, whatever, I don't stress over a lengthy trade page.

Welcome back CEO, working on your offer.
Welcome back, sent you an open offer with comments.
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