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More Suh adds, pickin up some steam....

[Image: suhmagic.jpg]

[Image: suhshoe.jpg]

[Image: suhepix.jpg]

[Image: suhunrivaled.jpg]

Another K. Smith whale on the hook....

[Image: ksdet1-1.jpg]

That's it, thank you for the peek!
congrats man! really nice mail!
(08-02-2012 05:14 PM)brentboudreaux1 Wrote: [ -> ]congrats man! really nice mail!

Thank you sir, always appreciated!
wow... VERY nice...
(08-02-2012 06:20 PM)slotman11 Wrote: [ -> ]wow... VERY nice...

Hey, I bought some 2010 Topps chrome packs at the LCS & pulled a Shipley. Thought of you but i'm sure you have 5 of em! Thanks!
Nice collection!!!
great mail. Love teh patches.
(08-02-2012 09:56 PM)najay Wrote: [ -> ]Nice collection!!!

I'd love to see your collection of Leo's, do you have a bucket?

(08-02-2012 10:06 PM)gadsden86 Wrote: [ -> ]great mail. Love teh patches.

Apreciate it, wish I knew how to reply to 2 posts at once, cannot figure out how to do that?!?!?
Heh heh it rhymed Smile. lol sweet pickups rds1173
(08-02-2012 10:38 PM)mcleodfive Wrote: [ -> ]Heh heh it rhymed Smile. lol sweet pickups rds1173

Ya, I got mad skills as a rapper, j/k of course! Thanks again!
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