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That is insane! Love seeing these kinds of PC's, the PC's of the non superstar/legend. Awesome!

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks alot!!! If anybody has anything that I dont please tell me!!
Sweet PC dude. Link us directly like this next time:

[Image: IMG_1138.jpg]

You'll get more views and comments that way.
Impressive collection, very cool.
Insane PC!!! Love that Titanium Quad Patch! Congrats on the brilliant PC and thanks for sharing!

Thanks everybody!! and okay next time i'll make sure to put a direct link.!
Nice PC..i could not view your entire bucket..but i have a SP Authentic Limited Future Watch numbered 13/150
send me an email if you want to see the scan
message sent!
you need more Chris cards...

great pick ups what is your fav one?
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