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Well, I just got home from working on an island for 3 months. I was in meijer, just enjoying capitolism, when I noticed they had 2010 Contenders blasters marked down from 15. I was only going to get 1...but they had two...and you know the rule about leaving the last I got 'um both.

Super Bowl Tickets
Joe Namath
Don Maynard
John Elway

Draft Class
Dexter McCluster/Tony Moeaki

Rookie of the Year Contenders
Jahvid Best

Rookie Roll Call
Rob Gronkowski

silver /99
Jonathan Stewart

and for the autos
Garrett Graham
Shay Hodge

Fun little break for 30 bucks, how could I resist the chance to actually have decent odds of pulling a Tebow lol
Welcome back!!
I bought 2 of these and got Brian Bulaga and Victor Cruz autos. I was very impressed with these and might go pick up some more.
im interested in the gronk
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