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Well, I have bought three 2012 Bowman Platinum blasters and not really anything great was gotten out of any of them. I did get an auto in each of the first two. However, I did get a Darvish rookie card in each one, so I guess thats something.
I pretty much have no luck with packs. I have bought 2 hangers and 4 packs of the Platinum and haven't gotten any autos. So consider yourself lucky.

That's why I am moving more into the vintage stuff and getting rid of pretty much anything that is post 1975, except for my Tyrell Jenkins and Texas Rangers PC.

Heck I am even trading/selling a bunch of my Hamilton, Kinsler and Young autos for vintage stuff.
pulling an auto out of a blaster is a win for me - I have only bought one, but didn't have any hits
I have had pretty good luck with blasters of Bowman Platinum in the past. My best hit was a blue refractor auto of Mike Trout.
I've picked up 3 blasters & 2 hangers now. 2 of the blasters produced autos, one of which was a Blue Ref #199/199 (which I found amusing). What is irritating me is that I can't pull any frickin' Cardinals! I finally pulled a base prospect Jordan Swagerty card today, but that's the first.

I do believe I am going to try for sets of the Emerald and Ruby parallels, I do like those. If anybody is interested in trading them, please let me know.
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