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(For some reason the photos from my bucket keep starting out sideways and thing turning rightside up... if anyone has any input on how to fix this, let me know. )

With my birthday coming up, and just getting back into collecting, my wife has decided for it to be an all baseball card celebration. She bought me my first Cespedes auto (A&G) regular, and surprised me yesterday with a box of cards.

2007 SP authentic. I guess the LCS cut her a deal for about $50, from the marked $70.

After having read about how horrible UD had gotten with the redemptions, I was a bit worried about having expired hits, but nonetheless ripped through the packs with a smile on my face. It said there should be two hits "on average" per box (yet another way that topps currently reigns supreme).

1st pack, got a signed Huston Street Patch #4/50... Nice PC hit, as he was rocking the a's uniform.
[Image: Street.jpg]
So, I kept ripping... Not impressed AT ALL with the base set or the inserts they toss in with this series.

Then I got my second hit... ***** a redemption, for: Bronson Arroyo lol. Expired in 12/08. At least it wasn't a jeter or other big name. Made it a lot easier to take knowing that it was only arroyo.
[Image: Arroyo.jpg]

So, I kept ripping... More base... More authentic power inserts... Then...


[Image: hamilton.jpg]
A Josh Hamilton Auto Patch (RC)! #4/50... Smile Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Tried to upload photo's but my iphone is being crappy right now.
Great stuff, congrats!
Love the Hamilton. Trading it?
Awesome Hamilton card! Congrats!
(08-01-2012 01:46 PM)mikeschlueter783 Wrote: [ -> ]Love the Hamilton. Trading it?

I'll trade it if the right Cespedes comes along...
Sweet old school break! Its funny calling that old school though.. Sweet Hamilton!
Yeah... I thought that after I posted...

"Random as hell box gift" would have been more approriate
Great pulls dude!!Smile
Nice Hamilton. Congrats!!
Sick hamilton
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