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Hello everyone, first time posting but long time reader!

I was buying up 2012 Bowman blaster boxes for a while and Target ran out (no local card shops around) Sunday after seeing all the breaks, I bought 2 blaster boxes.

each box had a mini-game used jersey
Carlos Quentin AGR-CQ
Clay Buchholz AGR-CB

and today got another blaster box at Target and got:
Michael Phelps AGR-MPH

Do you get somekind of insert in every box?

Also got nice SP's and Base Cards.

On a side note I was going to buy a blaster box at Toy's R US and they wanted $30 bucks for it !
I think it was your lucky day - they do not all have hits. The Phelps is really nice!
Great pulls dude!! It looks like Topps has began putting more hits in their retail lately, which is good for us!!....keep on sharing pulls & pickups!Big Grin
You got very lucky! I bought three blasters and had no hits. That Phelps card is a great one to have right now. Congrats!
Nice breaks! Love to see a scan of your hits!
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