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First time busting a baseball box in a while. I usually seem to do better on the HTA boxes but oh well. Here's a few scans, everything is for trade. Also pulled a Duke Snider cognac and Paul O'Neil diamond but didn't scan those. I'll be loading the cards into my Org now. Thanks for looking, and let me know if you want any of this stuff.
Kershaw #d to 60
[Image: 2011topps2.jpg]
Jeter & Jay #d to 60
[Image: 2011topps1.jpg]
Very Nice Break! Those update boxes were a good buy when they came out!
Thats a very solid box. A silk, #d versions of the relics, you can do a lot worse than Bucholz, and of course the Jeter is an excellent pull. Also check for Mike Trout, even the base RC is going for 10 bucks right now. I had to go back through my 2011 Update the other day to see if I happened to pull a Trout cognac, no luck though. Anyway, nice break. Those Topps HTA packs are probably my favorite thing to bust, I get my moneys worth more than anything else.
Thanks guys, I guess I did better than I thought! I did pull 1 Trout rc, no luck on the parallel versions though.
Wow love that jeter hope diamond
heck yeah dude.........great break!!
check me for the kershaw and bucholtz thanks
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