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I hit the vaca shop for some new football and he was pretty much out of everything except SAGE Hit,so i tried the last 6 packs of platinum from his open box with the hope of maybe getting a rookie auto.First pack got me the rookie auto

[Image: 7-31-201232056PM.jpg]

So my thought was,dont know anything about him,but i got my auto

2 packs later,things were good!And I know who this guy is!

[Image: 7-31-201231942PM.jpg]
Perhaps you should start busting more baseball? Congrats!
Nice card if you have any other nice mid-highend cards for trade to go with the Lawrie. I have a nice Limited Worn Letter Patch 2/7 (1/1) Blaine Gabbert Auto RC.
Thanks guys.Im holding the baseball right now,as they are my only 2 baseball prospect autos.
thats great outta 6 packs dude!!Smile
nice pull out of 6 packs!! i need a Lawrie auto, lol!!
(07-31-2012 05:01 PM)snappyjoe75 Wrote: [ -> ]nice pull out of 6 packs!! i need a Lawrie auto, lol!!

OT but is that fergie jenkins?
[quote='sastahl' pid='2083406' dateline='1343774612']

OT but is that fergie jenkins

Sure is!! Was at fanfest here in kc on the last day i think he was mad i was wearing a cards jersey lol
Nice pulls! I am same way with Football. I don't buy that much but when I do I hit pretty good auto's!
that was a great day -but I agree, you should have had a Royals jersey on!
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