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Full Version: NC Card Show
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Long read:

Let me saw this first. The people at Insidepitch are amazing fun people to be around.

OK guys heres how it all went.

Prices on singles were all like 50% of BV which we all know arent realistic 90% of the time. Like scrub GU for $3-$5. So I maily traded. There were 2 guys working together that had some decent stuff and one other guy which ok stuff. The rest was vintage or guys with tons of lowend no names and base. It seemed wierd guys would set up with that stuff. O well. One guy had good prices on boxes at or below Blowout. Bought and busted 12 Elite (it was a waste and proved even more I have 12 products so far) and 11 Gridiron Gear which was an ok box.

So heres where it gets funny. Today was the last day of the show so I go back to trade. I go make some trades with the one guy (Guy #1) with ok stuff. Well his buddy (Guy #2) is there with him set up next to him. The Guy #1 calls Guy #2 over to check my stuff out after we complete our trade. Guy #2 proceeds to go through my stuff pulling out some really highend stuff and asks me to look and see if there is anything I like of his. He has an ok 2 color RG3 patch out of /225 and a Marino Sweet Spot Auto. He has around $400 worth of stuff pulled out thats all highend. He asks whats the ball park value on this stuff. I tell him around "400". This guy know damn well it aint 400 BV. Hes like ok well the Marino and RG3 are around 350 so Ill do it straigh. I just die laughing. My wife looks at me like whats wrong with you. I just packed my stuff and walked away. Guy #2 asks whats wrong and I said its $400 dollars and told him me knows damn well that stuff is well over 400 BV. Guy #2 is like well likes make a deal and lets start with your highest stuff. So I pull the Hank Aaron auto and Im like your two dont even equal close to this. Guy #2 gets pissed and grabs his cards and said "well Ill stop you there then." I just walked off. Guy #1 as I walked off said to Guy #2 damn you pissed him off and screwed the pooch on that one. Some people have no clue.

The other guys I dealt with seemed liked good guys minus them telling o dang you know his value has started to fall blah blah blah.

Here is the bounty:

One of my favs as all the GU has pinstripes from his Mets Uni
[Image: escanear0076.jpg]

Kind of a 1/1 as they only did one of each number
[Image: escanear0074.jpg]

Hate the Uni but he moves
[Image: escanear0073.jpg]

Not an easy one to find
[Image: escanear0075.jpg]

Always love Teddy Ballgame
[Image: escanear0071.jpg]

First Thorpe
[Image: escanear0070.jpg]

Been wanting a Hank auto forever
[Image: escanear0077.jpg]

Ran into a steal on this one. It was a Shamoo size steal
[Image: escanear0072.jpg]

Yes I did pick up some football

Hate its a single color
[Image: escanear0010.jpg]

Wife wanted this one so I over paid of course
[Image: escanear0005.jpg]

Sweetness is color but hard to see
[Image: escanear0009.jpg]

I busted some boxes and got these:

[Image: escanear0012.jpg]

[Image: escanear0016.jpg]

[Image: escanear0018.jpg]

[Image: escanear0020.jpg]

[Image: escanear0024.jpg]

[Image: escanear0037.jpg]

[Image: escanear0007.jpg]

[Image: escanear0006.jpg]

[Image: escanear0008.jpg]

Got these in as part of a lot I bought
[Image: escanear0051.jpg]

[Image: escanear0041.jpg]

[Image: escanear0022.jpg]

And these are from trades online and Ebay

[Image: escanear0014.jpg]

[Image: escanear0011.jpg]

[Image: escanear0078.jpg]

[Image: escanear0079.jpg]

wow very nice
WOW!! Those are some really sweet pickups!! I really like that stitches in time quad patch! Congrats on the new adds!
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