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Ok I have seen my fair share of brees autos
Came across this on eBay.

[Image: photo-83.png]

Does this look like someone traced over the sig with a market because the original was faded? It sure looks like that to me.
I contacted seller to see what they say.
Waiting on reply.

What do you think?
Thats what it looks like to me, what a shame if thats what happened.
It does look really traced, if you look closely you can see there are extra little lumps and bumps where someone probably went over it. You're the Brees collector, you tell us! Tongue
Haha yea that was my first man this auto looks really bad.
Brees has a pretty clean auto...this looks like his kid did it
oh absolutely someone traced it. that's HORRIBLE
Sad to see a great card, a great signature tampered with. And I agree Brent, it looks like he had a 2nd grader try to recreate the signature! Tongue
Traced... No doubt... Card is ruined...
If you guys can look up 2001 sp authentic sign of the times drew brees auto RC
And report this. I would hate to see someone get taken advantage of
REALLY bad trace
Hopefully anybody with the money to buy one would no not to bid on it, that is horrible.
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