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Hello everyone! I just got this pretty cool Auto Gold Ref in the mail last Saturday from a redemption card I pulled less than a month ago. Thought I'd check to see what kind of interest there was. I'm not sure I want to trade it yet, but if I do I'd like to hopefully trade for a nice Ozzie Smith, David Freese, Yadier Molina, Oscar Taveras or possibly another nice Stl Cardinals auto. I'd also might consider a Hosmer card.

I'm very sorry I don't have the means to scan a picture of it, but if anybody is serious about trading, I will find a way to get a few pictures to you.

As of today, there are two graded cards listed on ebay.

Mine is not graded, but should I keep it, what are the benefits to getting it graded? I've never had a card graded and I'm not real sure of the cost/benefit.

Also, these are 3x the BV. Before I trade, I also would like some honest advice on the real value of this card. I'm not naive enough to think it's worth the ebay values, but am I too much of a noob to think it might be a little higher than BV? Or am I just trying to justify over-valuing my best pull to date? Please be honest.

Even if you're not interested in trading, I'd love a bit of advice on getting this card graded should I keep it as well as the value. Thanks y'all!
I think grading could sometimes be worth it as it does raise the value if it comes back 9.5 or higher. Otherwise, don't bother. If it's not graded you will not get more than BV for it.
I PM'd you at your request. In a nut shell though here is my opinion. If your in no hurry to move it and it's condition is good then grade it. If you choose to trade it then focus on the sell value not the book value. The guide is a guide and the BV in this will not likely bring you it's true sell value in return.
I think the only time you'd see a premium on a card like this would be if it came back a 9.5
(07-30-2012 03:35 PM)Mikarlo Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not naive enough to think it's worth the ebay values

The eBay values are ACTUAL SALES, so YES, your card is worth that much. BV means NOTHING outside of this website. NOTHING!!!!!!!
(07-30-2012 09:30 PM)iconms Wrote: [ -> ]I think the only time you'd see a premium on a card like this would be if it came back a 9.5

Agree 100%. Most would rather have it raw than encased as a BGS 9. If you grade it, specify a minimum grade of 9.5
Lastly, Machado is a prospect, and he sells well, but he isn't "hot" right now. If you have the luxury of hanging onto it, do it, and sell when he comes out as a top 3 prospect next year or when he hits a hot streak and values skyrocket. You'd do well selling right now, but you'd almost surely do better if you be patient
OK, so upon further research, the prices on eBay are not what your card is worth, because they haven't sold. I thought you were referring to sold items, but i see now that you were referring to asking prices of unsold items. The only Machado to actually sell went for $80 on a BIN listing, and typically BIN's are not good indicators of value, especially when there's only one of them. I still recommend you hold the card until Machado gets hot, or trade it to me!
(07-31-2012 09:37 AM)keyser soze Wrote: [ -> ]I still recommend you hold the card until Machado gets hot, or trade it to me!

First off, I love the username! Great movie!

Thank you (and everyone else) for the input! This is a learning experience for me...dealing with a nicer, more valuable card. I am going to take a serious look at getting it graded. By my untrained eye, the card looks to be in excellent condition, but I freely admit I'm no expert. I'm also probably going to hold on to it as you suggest till, hopefully, his time comes...unless that offer I can't refuse comes in (Have anything I'm looking for Verbal? lol)

Thanks everyone! I do appreciate the helpfulness and kindness this community has shown me since joining. It is greatly appreciated!
Back when I was picking beans in Guatemala.....

What are you looking for? I have some good cards, but not a ton of variety, feel free to look in my Org and offer me a deal. Thanks
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