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We went ahead and framed them up, his team photo with Ship from camp, and also the signed card that was given to him, the 8x10 is an exclusive photo of Ship given to my son for getting the All Star package... They came out pretty nice...

[Image: 126145a5.jpg]

[Image: 3a351847.jpg]
Very cool, Great memories indeed!
Thats awesome! Certainly will be something cool to tell his kids some day!
Sweet stuff!! I bet your son had a blast!!!
So very cool! I bet you are super proud, i'd be!!
Awesome man
very nice
Thanks guys!!! He had a great time, and I will sign him up for next years camp in Austin... He is already counting the just wondering if I should hang these in the vault or give in and let him hang them in his room...Wink
Let him hang em in his room! He can brag to all his buddies! Tongue "Yeah, I met Jordan Shipley... No big deal" Wink
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