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Marte ref auto gone

Best way to set up a trade with me is to send an open offer, its difficult to go back and forth on a thread to trade screen .

[Image: trade4profar0003.jpg]

[Image: trade4profar0002-Copy3.jpg]

[Image: trade4profar0002-Copy.jpg][Image: trade4profar0002-Copy4.jpg]
[Image: trade4profar0002-Copy5.jpg]

[Image: trade4profar0003-Copy3.jpg][Image: trade4profar0001.jpg]

[Image: trade4profar0001-Copy.jpg][Image: trade4profar0001-Copy5.jpg][Image: trade4profar0001-Copy3.jpg]
Im trying to collect the Top Prospect set from Platinum. scans of all die cuts and
Jurickson Profar Takes Priority!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then all other rangers and prospects
offer sent..........thanks
trade offer sent w/ comments
offer sent with comment
all offers responded with comments Smile
offer sent
Marte is gone , check my bucket for more pics of availible cards
Interested in the Gausman, maybe the Hicks and the Thompson Bowman Chrome, check my thread and send an offer if you see anything
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