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UPDATE (7/29) I now have $70 to spend via paypal...

I am looking to trade all my Baseball / Football cards listed "for trade" (approx $1500 BV) + pay up to $60 cash (paypal) + ill throw in a bunch of cards for free that I havnt listed in my org yet for 1-15 cards with a total beckett value of $400-$500....

If you are interested in this type of trade just comment below and ill send you an offer.

If you have a higher trading feedback rating them me then I can ship first.

I am looking for this type of trade because I am trying to downsize my collection so I cant just buy cards I need to buy and trade.

My goal is to get this done and your cards in the mail Monday. Thanks

I will also throw in tons of cards that I havnt had time to upload into my org for FREE.
You can try me, no promises but ill give anything u send over a serious loojk
(07-28-2012 08:17 PM)bunk27 Wrote: [ -> ]You can try me, no promises but ill give anything u send over a serious loojk
Offer sent.. if any of the cards I asked for are off limits just then take them out and send a counter and ill find something else. Thanks for looking

my offer with bunk fell through... anyone else?
bump for the weekend / night traders
Can you give me a look? Thank you.
(07-29-2012 09:18 AM)willosu Wrote: [ -> ]Can you give me a look? Thank you.
Offer sent.... Thanks for looking
I have 4 deals pending but no one has accepted yet... this offer is still on the table.
Update I now have $70 to spend via Paypal with a trade combo... just comment below if your interested I would like to ship the cards tomorrow (Monday)
thanks for the deal
(07-29-2012 11:00 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for the deal
Thanks to you as well.
The $70 has been spent and most of my cards in my org have been traded. I will start a new thread once I reload my org and paypal.
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