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So I have been on a good run of bad luck with boxes lately. I went to the LCS today with the intentions of buying another UFC finest but left with a box of the Bowman Platinum and I am glad I did. Thanks for the look, comments are always welcome. Here are the hits:

Mikie Mahtook Auto
[Image: 049aff5a.jpg]

Tyrell Jenkins Auto Redemption
[Image: ba7025a2.jpg]

At this point I was we go again then the luck turned around

Darvish Rookie
[Image: b8f05dce.jpg]

Harper Rookie
[Image: 97365be7.jpg]

Mike Trout Jsy/Auto
[Image: d8d273b3.jpg]
Very nice!
Thanks Joe
Congratulations. The Trout auto is spectacular. Love the card.
Sweet Pull. Congrats!
Thanks guys
Hey, nice break with the Trout and Darvish and that other guy...Harper. Oh yea, nice Jenkins too. You know I can use it if it's FT. Thanks.
kinsler: jenkins is ft, it is just the redemption card though...unredeemed of course
such a great pull - congrats
Sweet Break!
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