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Definitely got killed on this one.
My first pack was all base with a Brandon Saad Victory RC
Her first pack was base with a David Booth Victory base
Advantage: me, but not by much, so we moved on. Between ripping the first and second packs, she says "I never win these things..." and I said, "Oh, come on, you've won a few times." and we continued.

My second pack, a Gregory Campbell Exclusives, not bad, a Bruins player, I was happy with it.
Her second pack had a Chris Stewart game jersey. Technically a win, by our rules, so she got to open the winner's pack of Titanium and pulled this...

[Image: 11-12TitaniumSixStarMemorabilia-SamGagner.jpg]

Not bad! And she said she never wins, but I can't say that this was anything but a win in my book.
It's available, if any Oilers fans are interested.
Thanks for looking!
Fantastic card, definitely a win for the wifey.
You both win, but if she pulled a 1/1 then does that count for you or no because she pulled it.
Sick patch though.
i want it! ill even dig into some PC for that one
(07-28-2012 08:00 PM)rippinwax Wrote: [ -> ]Remember, "HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE"!
very nice Gagner
(07-29-2012 12:12 AM)rczubaty Wrote: [ -> ]i want it! ill even dig into some PC for that one

PM me, I've already got a pair of Gagner collectors on another forum digging through the trade boxes for high end Ovechkin stuff to trade for it.
amazing card

by the way i will pm you back in a bit
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