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Full Version: loaded blaster??!!
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hello all. went out and bought a blaster today from the local walmart. loose packs looked liked they were already searched. so went with the blaster. i think it was loaded. what u all think? enjoy. thanks
[Image: blaster.jpg]
Very nice box! Especially retail!
nice blaster Snappy, I'd say you did very well!!
thank u 75!! thinking going back tomorrow and getting another one.
Heck yeah, do it!! I hope you pull something even better!!
I broke a very similar blaster today from wal mart. On card auto and all. Nice!
I have bought two Bowman Platinum blasters and got an autograph out of each one
yeah i had a good thread about my blaster

my brother got one today and got a Top Prospects 17/25 Oscar Taveras
sweet stuff all!! seems Blasters are working great for us!!
I dont seem to have much luck w/ them but I always buy some anyways. It is great to see that alot of you ARE pulling sweet cards out of them. Nice to see great pulls from non-hobby product!!Big Grin
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