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A little backstory first...

So I played a little hooky yesterday from work to play a round of golf in the morning. My son and buddy picked my up a new Callaway driver and a Nike 56 degree Wedge for my birthday last weekend and I was dying to try them out. Ended up shooting my best round ever (not saying much for me) so I thought I would reward my self with a few boxes. I haven't busted much lately - trying to save for a family trip (for 8) to Hawaii in December...

Soooooooooooo.....I picked up boxes of A&G and Topps since I always build the sets. Here's the hits:

A&G (all for trade)

Pujols N43 Topper
Bourn Jersey
Russell Martin Jersey
Ryan Dempster Magenter Printing Plate 1/1!!!
Brandon Beachy Mini #d 24/25!!!
[Image: 002-2.jpg]

for the Topps, I'm only going to show one of the most "odd/interesting" cards I've ever pulled:

[Image: scan0002-5.jpg]

A Ricky Romero GU card...without the GU swatch. I sent Topps an email and they replied instructing me to call customer service during normal business hours to resolve it...

Thanks for the look...
check me for the bourn relic and the beachy mini

Open offer sent
Nice break! Did you get any auto's in the Jumbo?
Do they really still have Russell Martin pictured in a Dodgers uniform? C'mon Topps...
I'd keep the mistake GU. Very cool!

If it were a ruth Id scream - but I'd keep that one!
That's funny. I had the same thing happen to me - A few years ago, I bought a hobby box of Topps Heritage and my only "hit" was a game-used card with NO swatch - to add insult to injury it was of Dmitry Young! Anyway, I sent it back to Topps and they replaced it. I probably should have kept the one without the swatch - it would have been an interesting oddball card in my collection!
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