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Hey everyone, feel free to send open offers for any of these or anything you are interested in my ORG. Primarily looking for Alfonso Soriano, Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Kevin Youkilis, and a few others. However, im not going too picky, so dont be afraid to send over an offer!

Luis Gonzalez, Jeff Kent, Mauer/Martin/Posada, Kelvin Deleon /25
[Image: DSC_0052.jpg?t=1343490937]
Nelson Cruz/Jason Botts, Andy Wilkins, Corey Hart, Matt Lindstrom
[Image: DSC_0064.jpg?t=1343490602]
Victor Martinez /175, Conor Jackson, Willie Mays(note: card has small crease), Anibal Sanchez /175
[Image: DSC_0053.jpg?t=1343490886]
Craig Biggio, Jeff Harris /800, Tim Federowicz, Jose Bautista
[Image: DSC_0066.jpg?t=1343490527]
Cole Hamels, Jermaine Dye, Angel Pagan, Jeff Francoeur, Hanley Ramirez, Carlos Lee
[Image: DSC_0056.jpg?t=1343490799]
Hernan Iribarren, Ian Snell /999, Matt Moses /100, Chase Utley, Tony Gwynn, Dontrelle Willis
[Image: DSC_0055.jpg?t=1343490838]
Jack Egbert, Russell Martin, Matt Antonelli, Brandon Hicks
[Image: DSC_0051.jpg?t=1343490982]
Frank Thomas, Carl Crawford, Thome/Sabathia, Jim Thome
[Image: DSC_0059.jpg?t=1343490734]
Carl Crawford, Neftali Feliz /250, Hamilton(Retrofactor)
[Image: DSC_0060.jpg?t=1343490655]

Thanks for the look!
Whoops! Wrong thread. If a mod could move this for me it would be appreciated!

Can a mod move this please?
I see a couple cards I like... Ill send you an offer now
Interested in the gonzalez and Gwynn, please check me
The Luis Gonzalez, Tony Gwynn, and Jose Bautista are all gone

Lets get some more deals done!
check me for the fedrowicks
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