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I went down to my LCS today not really intending to open anything, but I brought a couple of cards to show off to the owner, and he liked them so much he traded me a pair of boxes of Allen & Ginter. When I opened them, I got:

Fashionable Ladies Mini "The Ingenue"
[Image: 2012GinterBox5Hits1.jpg]

Bobby Abreu Relic
[Image: 2012GinterBox5Hits3.jpg]

Casey McGehee Relic
[Image: 2012GinterBox5Hits4.jpg]

Ubaldo Jimenez Relic
[Image: 2012GinterBox5Hits5.jpg]

Adam Lind Relic
[Image: 2012GinterBox5Hits6.jpg]

JP Arencibia Autograph
[Image: 2012GinterBox5Hits2.jpg]

And in the very last pack I opened, I pulled the very first 1/1 I've ever pulled for myself from a pack (I do own a couple 1/1s but I bought/traded for them)!

Carlos Marmol 1/1 Framed Mini Cyan Printing Plate
[Image: IMG_4820.jpg]
[Image: 2012GinterBox5Hits10.jpg]
[Image: 2012GinterBox5Hits9.jpg]

I am stoked to have finally pulled a 1/1!!!
Congrats! Wish my LCS would trade for boxes.
Nice Break! What did you pull before that the owner traded you?
Wow, congrats!

My LCS trades for product too, but they always try to get me to go for singles.
Thanks, guys. I traded a Griffey silk I pulled for 2 boxes of product and some store credit.
Congrats, a milestone in the hobby!
nice pull. I bring cards to my LCS to trade all the time. But I have never thought of trading for a box.... I will try that next time. Usually I just give him 200 or so Base / Inserts of big name players ($200 BV) for 1 or 2 nice cards ($40 BV)
Thanks, y'all! Only way that box would have been nicer for me is if I'd gotten a Dbacks plate instead of a Cubbies plate!
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