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Nice! Those are pretty hard to come by, I've had my eye out for the Hershiser and some other Dodgers for a while and I've only seen 2 on ebay in the past 3 years or so.
That's awesome! I never seen one of those for any player, congrats!
Yep! That's a keeper! Congrats Jeremy.
Cool - I have the Strawberry - not even sure when I got it lol
sweet pickup! one of the best of the year for you I'm sure
Awesome!! This is the first I have seen.
Don't normally get non Beckett but it is one of my top pulls this year. My 3 /10 autos are a little more spectacular.
I heard of them but never seen one. Anybody know how they got in the markett back in 1990. I thought they came in regular packs but even with the 100s of packs I opened I didnt even pull one.
But then in 1990 I was only collecting in my second year and still learning alot. ( Still am)
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