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Full Version: 2012 Bowman Platinum
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what is up everyone!! well got my second box of platinum in, and once again i was happy. here are the main hits that i thought were the good ones. all my cards will be loaded in this weekend now that Beckett has them in their org. all will be for trade except the Cole. enjoy.
[Image: 12platinum3.jpg]
[Image: 12platinum4.jpg]
ill take the myers.
offer sent
Nice hit on the Cole! Congrats!
thanks everyone!! hopefully by the weekend i will all cards in my org. so give me some time to repsond to all offers.
Nice job on that Cole!
thanks man!! to be honest, thats what saved the box!! its a jumbo relic too!!
Congratulations on the Gerrit Cole. would love to see the card when it arrives.
will do!!
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