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Full Version: mail day
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hey all. wanted to share some recent investments that i got in this week. pretty cool cards. and my favorite is the Mad Hungarian!! enjoy
[Image: mailday.jpg]
That stanton card is sweet!
I like that Longoria! Gotta love S/N cards that are numbered either the first or last of the print run.
Very Nice Pickups! I love that Longo!
thanks all!! i do love the longo myself being 25/25. also pulled a Montero 1/25 from platinum yesterday.
I use to love watching Al Hrabosky pitch!!! Btw very nice pickups!!
thanks!! met Al one weekend in st louis when we had a suite. he was walking by and me and a buddy were like the mad hungarian!! he laughed and talked to us for a while. real great guy!!
be sure to put this in baseball not box breaks. but nice stuff!
my bad!! thanks for the heads up chase
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