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Trying to help my girlfriend get her Dodger collection started. She's been buying singles off ebay so I'd like to trade for some current Dodger players. Mainly looking for Dee Gordon, Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Andre Ethier, Chad Billingsley, James Loney, Javy Guerra and Nate Eovaldi (I know he's been traded but she still wants his auto).

I'm ok with sending first but would like to trade with someone who has established great feedback. I've read all the horror stories, don't want to add to the list.

I'm still sorting through my boxes so I should be adding to the list soon. This is what I have for baseball in the organizer for now. I also have some Hockey, football, and basketball in the organizer if anyone is interested. I'll be posting those in their respective areas.

[Image: scan0084.jpg]

[Image: scan0085.jpg]

***New Scans 7/27***
[Image: scan0090.jpg]

[Image: scan0091.jpg]
Let me know if you've got any good braves cards. I've got plenty of those dodger players your talking about. Still loading them into my org as well
I am trying to send a pn offer over but it won't allow me to send. Do you pay for the OPG? I am wondering if that is why.
Interested in the jeter and liriano
Thanks for the responses. Replies have been sent. Updated trade list.
If you have any extra Dodgers base and inserts I would be willing to swap you some. I have a small stack here not entered.
interested in james loney auto?
interested in james loney auto?
I have some nice Billingsleys if you have any Cardinals
I have a BUNCH of Dodgers for trade. Feel free to sed over an offer if you see anything you may want/ need for your GF
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