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Is there any reason why Beckett started putting the auto grades on the back now? To save money and have it all on one label? Come on!

I know it was done for thicker cards. But now even the thinner cards.

I personally hate it, now I have to scan the front and back of the card, please revert back to having all the data on one side of the card.

It reminds me how the older beckett slabs were, all the sub grades were on the back.
I think it's the length of words on the main label that determines it.
Nope, everything now

Look at the recent maildays from BGS, notice all the autos dont have the grades on the front.

All my submitted cards got this "new" labeling, please revert to the old labeling.
I'm picking up to Graded Auto cards tomorrow, I'll post what I received.
The auto in my last submission was on the front. I received it two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago it was on the front, I am talking about the submissions within the last week.

Seems like it just changed. Every card I have seen for the latest BGS maildays are the same
Personally I like them a lot better with the auto grade on back. Never been a fan of a silver label and a gold tab.. Just looked tacky to me but to each their own.
Yeah I like the old labels with both grades on the front of the card also. I was think about sending in a few older cards to be re-graded but I think I'll hold off for now.
Just got my cards today and both have the Auto grade on the back.

One is a 2003-04 Topps Chrome Autographs #CASO Shaquille O'neal and if you look this card up on the bay there's one that has the auto label on the front.
Personally I like that plan. Mainly because sometimes you have a perfect card, but the auto runs off the sticker and you get hammered for that. Then it looks like crap to see your 9.5 card grade next to your 8 auto grade. On top of that, the only reason the auto grade got hit was because of companies having so many dang stickers signed rather than on card. So I think this is a great idea appearance wise. I have many cards I will send in now to have graded if the auto is on the back.
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