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Full Version: 2009 UD
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It has been a while since I check this forum and open packs. I have been very busy and my grandma past away a couple of weeks ago. Got a pack of 2009 UD from Target bargain bin and two 2011 football from dollar tree.

Mike Bibby
Shawn Marion
Ray Allen
Correy Maggette
Joe Johnson
Antoine Wright
Roko Leni Ukic
Zack Randolph
Al Harrington
Michael Redd
Emeka Okafor
Andris Biedrins
Peja Stojakovic
Wilson Chandler
Dirk Nowitzki
Boris Diaw

Rookie: Taylor Griffin Sad wrong Griffin)
Dwyane Wade Masterpieces

Not bad.
not bad
Some decent names there
I cannot tell you how many Taylor Griffins I have pulled ... LOL ... nice cards (those Masterpieces are pretty cool), and sorry to hear about your grandma.

I lost mine last January, I know how it is.
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